The Religious Affairs Committee (RAC)

The Religious Affairs Committee is an honourable body engineering religious affairs for the
whole school. There are 6 teacher advisors, 1 pastoral assistant and 10 student committee
members in the Committee. Religious activities organized include Cell Groups, Thanksgiving
Liturgy, Cross Boundary Service, Foundress Day Celebration, Retreat Camp and Leadership
Training Camp. They are for catholic and non-catholic students alike. Hopefully, the activities
help to build a religious atmosphere at school and develop catholic values among students.

Foundress Day Celebration 2018-2019

Every year, a religious programme is organized at the school hall to celebrate Foundress Day.
The programme is to deliver the religious belief of our Foundress, St Magdalene of Canossa to
the students. Last year, we had drama and live painting by Sr Marie and 3 students with musical
performances as the background. Sr Marie completed the talk with a heartfelt speech to
encourage students to put their religious and sincere acts in their daily life.

Treasurable moments of the Foundress Day are captured in different contexts .

The Zhaoqing China Service
Every summer, volunteers of our school go to far-away provinces in China to teach village
students. They offer to plan lessons and activities, play games and give talks to the
disadvantaged. Thanks to their service, lesser important children are cared and valued.


We have been serving the Zhaoqing students joyfully for 12 years.

Religious Affairs Committee (RAC) Leadership Training Camp

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for
many." (Mark 10:45)

As a Catholic, we should follow his footsteps to serve others in our community. Apart from
providing students with the opportunity to develop their leadership, communication, goal setting,
and time management techniques, the school also gives RAS members a chance to learn how to
preach the gospel spirit - serving others humbly in activities organized by the former RASC leaders.

The Caritas Bazaar

Our school has been joining the Caritas Bazaar organized by the Caritas Hong Kong for
more than 15 years. In order to raise funds to help the last, the least and the lost, our
students design different creative games and handcrafts for sale in the Bazaar. Besides,
there is a lunchtime mini-bazaar every year to sell maltose biscuits. The Bazaar is an
enjoyable event in which students learn to sacrifice themselves for others.

The cell groups

The Catholic students have a pleasant and rewarding time getting together to share and
strengthen their faith through various activities like Bible sharing, picture puzzles solving, mini
artwork creating and hymn singing. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a caring and inviting
atmosphere prevails in their sharing which centres on joys and sorrows in their daily lives.


Students are keen on solving picture puzzles.


A cosy chat to know more about their Christian faith

Hymn singing for the peace of mind

Liturgies of the academic year
As a member of the Roman Catholic Church, our school celebrates three Masses with all the
teachers and students every year. They include the School Opening Mass, the Christmas
Celebration and the Year-end Thanksgiving Mass.

The Opening Mass is a solemn ceremony with witted ideas.