Formed and registered under the Society Ordinance Cap 151 in 1987, the Canossa College Parent-Teacher Association aims at
  1. utilizing the EDB funds to organize the designated activities;
  2. promoting parent education and bettering parent-child relationship via talks, workshops, interest courses and other activities;
  3. improving mutual understanding among school, teachers and parents;
  4. reflecting parents' views towards school policies;
  5. helping parents get to know the School better and enhance their sense of belonging to the School;
  6. contributing funds to upgrade school facilities to promote the welfare of teachers and students and to help the students in need.
  Parents/Guardians of the currently registered students are eligible for membership. The Supervisor, Principal and teachers of the School are also ex-officio members of the Association.
  All members, with the exception of ex-officio teacher members, pay an annual subscription fee of HK$70 and the Association reviews and adjusts the membership fee annually on the basis of the price index.
  All members have the right to vote at the annual general meeting and are eligible for election to the Executive Committee of the Association.  Parents with two or more children studying in the college have one vote only.
Executive Committee 2022-2023

The affairs of the Association are directed by an Executive Committee formed by the Principal, 6 teachers and 12 parents.  Members of the Executive Committee serve for one year and they may be re-elected.

There are 7  honourable parent-members at present.  They serve a two-year term and may be re-elected for another two years by the exco-members.

P: Principal    VP: Vice Principal     T: Teacher members

 Chairperson Ms Wong Ka Man [Parent Manager]
Vice-chairperson Ms Chan Kit Ha
Ms Wong Shui Kuk (P)
Secretary Ms Fung So Yuen Jove
Mr Lo Yau Wa (T)
Treasurer Ms Wong Ying
Ms Chow Ting Ting (T)
Social Convenor Ms Lee Heung Kwan Vinncy
Ms Wong Wing  Winney
Ms Ng Suet Yee (T)
Mr Chan Chi Chung (T)
Liaison Person Ms So Kit Mei (VP)
Coordinator Ms Hon Sze Man (T)
General Members Ms Lin Yubi
Ms Tang Oi Kwan Gillian
Ms Chan Wai Nam Sharon
Ms Ng Wing Man Noel
Ms Lai Yuen Yee
Ms Cheng Pui Kwan Joanne
Honourable Members Mr Lai Shiu Lun
Ms Yau Wing Yan
Ms Yeung Ka Man
Mr Wong Chak Sum
Ms Leung Man Yi
Ms Tsoi Chau Wa
Ms Cheng Kam Sim


Annual Newsletter


Activities held in 2022-2023
Date Event Target Group
29th April 2023 (Sat)

Parents' Talk

“Make Good Impression in 7 Seconds” (7秒讓別人喜歡你」)


All parents & students 

26th Feb 2023

A trip to Lau Shui Heung Reservoir

All parents & Students

8 Oct 2022


The 36th Annual General Meeting and F.1 Academic Seminar

All parents & F.1 Students
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