Profile of Canossa College Graduates
    A Graduate of Canossa College is:    一位嘉諾撒書院畢業生應具備以下素質:
K keen on self-directed learning 熱切自學
  N noble in acquiring knowledge  


  O openly and resiliently innovative   創新開朗
  W well organized and strategic in learning   良好策劃
  I in search of truth   思辨求真
  N notable in academic studies and morals   術精德顯
  G globally minded   具世界觀
H humble to accept self-limitations 接納自我
  U understanding, amicable and merciful   禮以待人
  M modest about self-achievements   不躍己功
  I impartial to all   公正無私
  L loyal to school, family and friends   竭盡忠誠
  I iconoclastic   思辨求真
  T true to self and others   坦率真誠
  Y youthful and persevering in spirit   孜孜不倦
R respectful to life 尊重生命
  E eager to strive for self-actualization   人盡其才
  S self-disciplined   嚴以律己
  P patient, gentle and courteous   溫良敦厚
  E earnest in reflecting on experiences   慎思己過
  C compassionate and considerate   同情體恤
  T thankful to people and events   常懷感恩
K kind-hearted 和藹可親
  I interested in social issues   關心社會
  N noble-minded   思想高尚
  D discreet   言行謹慎
  N nice in dealing with others   相處融洽
  E energetic in fulfilling duties   善盡職守
  S solicitous in social welfare   熱心公益
  S sober in judgment   判斷冷靜
L loving and lovable 愛主愛人
  O obliging to help   樂善為群
  V vigorous and courageous in imitating Christ   步武基督
  E enthusiastic in serving others   熱心服務