The English School Press

The name of our English School Press is ‘Breeze’. We hope that the work of the editorial team can reach our readers like a gentle breeze, bringing soothing and pleasing contents namely the newborn babies of our teachers, the favourite pets of our students, the K-pop virals, the YouTubers’ influence, the beauty tips, the fashions of the 30s, etc. to the inquisitive minds. Apart from the highly-favored topics, there is always a page on the sought-after school snapshots. Our camera lady captured valuable shots in Sports Day, 2018 Walkathon, Cheering Team Competitions and Chinese New Year Concerts for the unnoticed eyes.

The publication also works to alert students to serious topics like animal care, pollution, e-waste disposal, poverty around the world, etc. Our editors and reporters play a part in educating our readers to be responsible community members and global citizens alike. Teaching and learning is another important focus in the editing work. The 2017 June issue featured study tips for the elective students and the core parts of the STEM education. The press group makes sure that there is the inclusion of English Drama, English Forums and the Form One Bridging to give readers a diversified content.

Breeze members collect opinions from the whole school through surveys, questionnaires, interviews and statistical findings to report the most trustworthy content. It is hoped that the publication can continue to keep a wide circulation in and outside school.




The School Press Group


An array of our school press Interviewing a teacher for her opinion of a Breeze topic
The Breeze photographer takes photos for the July issue Breeze members brainstorming topics for the forthcoming issue
Our publication covers a range of topics