Canossa College, the former Canossian Convent Secondary School, marked its birth in 1959 by the Canossian Daughters of Charity, who left Italy to begin their missionary work in Hong Kong in 1860.  In 1891, on Mr David Sasson’s generous donation of a piece of land of 3,000 sq.ft in Shaukeiwan, the Canossian Sisters’ convent and a Chinese primary school were built.  In 1932, a new convent and a primary school were erected but were occupied by the Japanese and British soldiers during World War II.  In 1951, the Canossian Chinese Primary School was re-opened and the Canossian Convent Secondary School was officiated in the new four-storey premises adjacent to the primary Section in 1959.


To make way for the development of the Eastern district, both the secondary and primary schools were transferred to the present premises at Quarry Bay in 1984 and renamed Canossa College and the primary section, Canossa School (Hong Kong).  Canossa College began to offer an education in the medium of English.


In 2004, a new wing was erected from the parking area.

(Revised in 2011)





       嘉諾撒書院 (Canossa College) 成立於一九五九年。1860年,意大利嘉諾撒仁愛會修女遠渡重洋,來港傳教。1891年,蒙善長沙宣先生 (Mr David Sasson) 慷慨捐贈三千多平方呎之土地,修女即在筲箕灣區成立一所會院及一間中文小學。1932年,新修院及小學部建成。二次大戰期間,會院先後被日軍及英軍佔用,直至1951年嘉諾撒中文小學重新開辦。1959年,嘉諾撒仁愛會在小學部毗鄰建造了一座四層高的校舍,即為嘉諾撒修院中學。