The Student Council

Student Council members are elected annually by the schoolmates to provide whole-school activities. The planning
work helps Council members to develop their intellectual and social intelligence. The elected body also serves as a
bridge between the school authority and the students. Communication is facilitated and students’ opinions are
heeded via regular meetings with the school authority. Every year, committee members arrange a series of activities
like stationery sale, outside visits, fashion shows, joint school functions which are favourable agendas on their yearly
plan. Students never forget the gorgeous Christmas ball and the festive New Year fair. There are many more to be
listed. Given the inter-class activities and the joint school functions, we believe that students can enjoy an active and
colourful school life.

Student Council election

Inauguration of student leaders

Internal activities:

The Lunar New Year Fair
Time to test our sales skills while immersing ourselves in the festive atmosphere.

The Singing Contest
A chance to sharpen the singing skills of the song lovers

The Form One Dream High Day

The Student Council Committee had lunch with the Form one girls at the beginning of the school year. It was a good
chance for the seniors to know more about their little sisters where the seniors played the role of listeners and
homework helpers. A Dream High Day was specially organized for the form one students. They wrote their wishes
and goals on the paper planes and threw them up into the air to signify that they could ‘fly high’ in their learning and
other school achievements in the coming term.

A visit to the Dialogue in the Dark
Students get to know the difficult life of the blind in the visit. They learn to cherish their own life more.

The Year-end Show x Fashion Show:
The show is the last but long-awaited agenda on their yearly plan. The response rate is usually high as participants
are eager to show their stage performance and fashion design.


The Child Sponsorship Program
By saving up $1 for 12 months to help the people in need, students learn the value of sacrifice and the importance
of sharing.

Alumnae sharing - My splendid school life in Canossa College

Talk by the SPCA - to adopt means to care

Joint-school functions:
The Christmas Ball
It is Christmas time! Students from different schools gather to build a festive memory. Their gorgeous dancing
makes the cold winter warm. Before joining the Christmas Ball, students have to attend a dance class to learn the
dance steps and the etiquette which is essential in festival gatherings.

The Joint School Variety Show
Our school collaborates with two other co-organising schools and several supporting schools to organise the show.
Students can showcase their special and wonderful performance via the shared platform. Public performance is said
to be an effective method to build up students’ confidence and they cannot agree more.

Students learn to interact with students from other schools. The occasion helps to strengthen friendship among the
participants. All proceeds are donated to charities.