The four Houses namely Humility, Respect, Kindness, Love are important bodies as
they organize large-scale events for our school. Activities of different nature are
organized by the Houses throughout the academic year, including ball games, drama,
Form 1 Orientation and Form 4 Life-planning Days. House members are keen to join
the different activities on behalf of their Houses like the Cheering Team Competition,
the Swimming Gala and the Athletics Meet. House officials show immense effort in
the planning and the whole House practise hard for the different events. Winning is a
pride to the House members and in particular to the House Captains which is a
recognition of their effort. The appointed officials are invited to take up office at the
end of the school year who then receive leadership training in the coming year to get
ready to serve their Houses.

Photos of House committees and teacher advisors (2019 - 2020)

House of Humility

House of Respect

House of Kindness

House of Love